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The History of Barker Shoes…

It all began 137 years ago, in a small cottage in the heart of England’s shoemaking capital, Northamptonshire. In the village of Earls Barton, the enterprising craftsman, Arthur Barker, invested in a factory premises. A natural innovator, he used his extensive knowledge of shoemaking, his waterproof peg-sole boots a particular favourite, to build a business which would satisfy the increasing demand for fine quality footwear. He went on to produce boots for the army during the First World War and his business moved from strength to strength. His three sons joined the Barker business, taking the Barker name into new territories; in 1947 a new factory was built to focus on the manufacture of women’s shoes and in 1950 a separate sales company was established to sell directly to retailers.

Each pair of Barker Shoes is lovingly hand-crafted with over two hundred processes involved in the creation of one pair of shoes; each shoe is shaped on the last by hand with slow drying and other traditional techniques employed to give each one real character that no machine could equal.

Today, Barker create a wide variety of styles in a number of collections, from the traditional ‘Country’ and ‘Anniversary’ collections to the more fashion-forward ‘Creative’ Collection. The former made up of classic designs and special edition variations of traditional Barker styles. The latter living up to it’s ‘creative’ name with traditional styles reimagined for the 21st century, with unusual brogue patterns and a colourful palette of leathers employed for a truly unique, yet utterly sophisticated look. There really is a Barker shoe to suit all tastes!

At Coneys we stock an extensive range of men’s Barker Shoes and have recently added a capsule range of women’s Barker Shoe styles. a long time favourite of both staff and customers alike, there really is a style to suit all tastes and occasions! Discover the collection online and in our Boston and Lincoln stores…