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The Birth of Luxury Tailored Denim…

Sartoria Tramarossa was founded in 1967 by Chemello Urban who, after studying tailoring, looked to use traditional tailoring techniques to work denim. With his extensive tailoring knowledge, he began to manufacture sartorial jeans from selvedge denim.

In 2003 Chemello’s sons joined the business; their prior knowledge of creating denim collections helped make Sartoria Tramarossa (Tailoring Tramarossa in English) the luxury denim brand that it is today. Only the finest quality raw materials are selected and the jeans are produced in Veneto, one of the best denim producing regions in the world.

Sartoria Tramarossa jeans are immediately recognisable by the two red lines marking the selvedge. The buttons and hardware are crafted like jewellery; made by artisans, galvanised in a way that gives a unique finish and polished by hand. Each pair can be personalised with small precious metallic letters, designed by Tramarossa, to make them truly personal to the wearer and they also come fragranced and presented in the iconic red presentation bag.

Denim has always been important to the Coneys customer. An integral part of the modern wardrobe, we understand how important our denim selection is. We have long offered a wide breadth of denim from a number of brands to suit all tastes and occasions. When we discovered Sartoria Tramarossa, we knew we had to add the superior quality and craftsmanship of these jeans to our collection. We were instantly impressed by the cut and finish of these truly premium jeans and know you will be too!

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